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6 Most Powerful Women Actresses in Bollywood

Powerful Women in Bollywood

6 Most Powerful Women in Bollywood

Women are proving their self into every industry and here are most powerful women in Bollywood who are Bollywood heroines which are most popular in Hindi actress name who had to prove their self in Bollywood Actresses Star and will share their Powerfull Strong Women of Bollywood by Name list and Photos. Bollywood Actresses have make the huge name and fan fallowing on social media. 

on start, women were only used for music song and dance now women are used as the main lead role single women role can win all movie story. Let's share the most powerful Bollywood Women Actresses Heroines Name and pictures list. 

Priyanka Chopra powerful women actress

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra started her career by becoming miss India when she was the age of just 17 years she was National Award Winner girl is now Bollywood Mega stars Priyanka Chopra worked in Hollywood  Movie Baywatch and Quantico she is most popular in Hollywood too. Its Jimmy Kimmel show or Good morning America or Oscar Award Night, Priyanka Chopra has proved her self is powerfull women in Bollywood. Bollywood Film Directors and Producers are ready to sign movie with Priyanka Chopra But Prinka is looking forward for work in hollywood movies Cinemas. 

Deepika Padikune powerful women actress

Deepika Padukone
Deepika is real goodness for Bollywood She did her debut movie in 2007 with Shahrukh Khan named OM SHANTI OM, Deepika gains huge success in her all movies he had a great experience from 2014, Deepika Padukone 4 super hit movies Women like Ram Lilla, Piku, Baji Rao Mastani and right now Padmawat. 
Deepika has given oriented blockbuster movies to Bollywood industry and has great experience of Hollywood too as filmmakers say Deepika no need to have another male hero character into movies. Deepika will have come in more strong character into movies as she done XXX: Return of Xander Cage she had great success into Hollywood Movies. 

Kangna Ranaut  powerful women actress

Kangna Ranaut
From the success of movie Queen 2014, Kangna Ranwat carrier has been changed Kangna has rejected hero of this movie and that was a very memorable movie in her life. after that she did movie TANU WEDS MANU in Part 1 and Part 2 success she becomes Bollywood King Khan renown as Bollywood Female Khan. Although she first female actress who rejected Bollywood KHAN's. She shares working with Khan's on lead role Women Character become useless and female character has no value in KHAN's Movies. 

Aishwarya Rai  powerful women actress

Aishwarya Rai
Aishwarya Rai is Indian Bollywood International face. let me remind you in late 90's Indian Bollywood industry was knows with Aishwarya Rai  Cannes film festival was one of an important unit like Aishwarya Rai where directors and producers were waits for sign her into their movies. Aishwarya proves her self-working in AYE DIN HAI MUSHKIL movie that at the age of 42 she can perform well like young stars  Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in the battle of Beauty and youngness. 

Sonam Kapoor powerful women actress

Sonam Kapoor
Fashion and Sonam Kapoor is the same name of two things. She wares that becomes fashion this a logic behind this. Sonam Kapoor is into those Bollywood celebrities who bravely shares expierce outspoken Bollywood stars. she dares to do all things because she feels best her self into all of them. Sonam is known as her Fashion Game. Her best movie Neerja where she made her self as the single hero of the film and prove her skills in Bollywood cinemas. Soman Kapoor shares on the hight of success that she is going to marry where other actresses hide that thing she believes that she is independent and confident into her work she can do anything on any condition. 

Kareena Kapoor powerful women actress

Kareena Kapoor
Kareena is still diva in Bollywood movies and becomes role model of another female actress of Bollywood industry. She has done many block bastard films in Hindi cinemas and makes her kingdom.  She married Saif Ali Khan and prove that her skills are still and Marriage cant is the hurdle of success in fashion and filming industry. She manages her self in terms of Fashion and Beauty She is one of Bollywood diva who has lead character as males like movie KE AND KA with Arjun Kapoor lolz.

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Pakistani Political Women's and Style Icon

Pakistani Political Women and Style Icon

Pakistani Political Womens's Fashion and Style Icon

Women's have a strong role in our society and Women's in politics role is very appreciable, Pakistan has many women who are into politics and they are doing very well  Fashion Style Icon even some of MNA's and MPA's or belongs to Political Parties and leading as head of that parties.

Political women are looked more appealing and show personalities. Pakistan have Stylish Women in Political system yes we would like to share some glimpse for their personality and they are the best example of great fashion icon lets me share something about our political women. 

Maryam Nawaz Sharif

Maryam Nawaz Sharif is the very active leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) and she a wears simple dress with Dopatta which gives Kashmiri looks. Maryam Nawaz prominent fashion dressing gives her more appealing and glam into stylish political women list and her Eyes style also give her personal charm and point of attention she looks more attractive due to her eyes shads and styles 

Hina Rabbani Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar ar is ex-foreign minister of Pakistan Peoples Party and first women foreign minister of Pakistan. she also has a simple dress which makes improves her personality. she visited India in 2011 her dress, handbag, sunglasses and shoes were very countable into media. 

Sharmila Farooqi

Sharmila Farooqi and Pakistani political fashion icon are same. Sharmila belongs to Pakistan Peoples Party and Her Dressing is very famous for Parliamentary office and she also wears party wears on Morning shows and other Events which she keeps up to date her personality. 

Hina Pervaiz Butt

Hina Pervaiz Butt is very famous name into the fashion industry, Hina Parvaiz Butt is famous Fashion Designer as well. Her dressing makes her unique in Pakistani political women fashion Icon. 

Kashmala Tariq

Kashmala Tariq had very famous trending name in 2007 when she was elected as Commonwealth Women Preliminaries, She was very infamous into Pakistani politics.Kashmala controversies and new fashion trends make her personality appealing .

Marvi Malik

Marvi Memon is Political women she belongs to PMLN and she is also good name for Pakistani women in politics her mind power and styles make her unique in Pakistani politics. 

Aliya Malik

Aliya Malik was political women belongs to PTI, Her fashion and well dress makes her personality great she was also known as Ex Federal Minister Sumaira Malik sister. Her simple and unique styles and dress also famous in Pakistani women politician.

Shazia Mari

Shazia Mari Pakistan Peoples Party Leader also well known in fashion and glam makes her Shazia Mari into fashion icon in Pakistani women politicians 

Reham Khan

Reham Khan was a journalist and she knows well fashion and trendy dresses.After becoming a politician her simple and unique way of the dress got more attractive in Pakistani Women Politician. 

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Fashion Pakistan Week 2018 Spring/Summer Designers List Revealed

Fashion Pakistan Week 2018 Spring/Summer Designers List Revealed!!

Fashion Pakistan week 2018 Spring and Summer Collection Show has revealed the designer’s list for 2 days event, which is going to happen into Karachi city and there are numbers of best designers in Pakistan who are participating into grand event fashion Pakistan week.
Fashion Pakistan Week Spring / Summer Collection will show up and event will on next week Dates are 10th and 11th April 2018, and hopefully the last of fashion events before summer kicks in, Fashion Pakistan Week has been compressed to two days this season, with the lineup for their Spring/Summer show revealed this morning.

Fashion Pakistan Week Day 1

FPW Day One will  Start on 10th April 2018 show line up designers are Gulabo By Maheen Khan, Huma Adan for FNKASIA, Cheena Chhapra,  Cogi by Hassan Riaz, Yasmeen Jiwa, The Pink Three Company, Amir Adnan and Farah Talib Aziz

Fashion Pakistan Week Day 2

FPW Day two will start on 11th April 2018 show line up designers are Deepak Parwani, Saira Shakira, Rozina Munib, BOHEME by Kanwal, Nauman Arfeen, Natasha Kamal and AFH by Ayesha Farook.

Those mention above designers are from all over Pakistan who are leading the market and their latest upcoming stuff for Summer/ Spring will show up on Fashion Pakistan Week 2018. Last month PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2018 end up in Lahore.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Ayesha Omer Item Song recorded for Film REHBARA

ayesha omer item song

Ayesha Omer Item Song from Movie Rehbara

ayesha omer item song

Ayesha Omer is the versatile actress in Lollywod film industry and has done movies and worked in dramas as well, She is Model and Actress too.  Ayesha Omer has made item song before movie Karachi say Lahore now she has filmed new Song in movie Rahbara. Ayesha Omer is performing in a Lead role with Ahsan Khan and  Rahbara Movie Director Amin Iqbal’s debut film project, ‘Rehbara’, features Ahsan Khan and Ayesha Omar in lead roles.

Are you ready for Ayesha Omer Item Song!

Ayesha Omer currently filming on movie Rehbara with Ahsan Khan, Movie shoot is already in progress and we hope to see this movie in this year 2018.Ayesha Omer Height, Weight, Age, Affairs, Biography & More thing wil be share.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Iqra Aziz reaction for haters on her short Hairstyle | #IChooseMe Campaign

Iqra Aziz reaction for haters on her short Hairstyle | #IChooseMe Campaign

Iqra Aziz's reply to the haters who bashed her for short hair. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Lux Style Awards 2018 Results Revealed Now

Lux Style Awards 2018

The awards took place at Lahore's Expo Centre last night and saw a big attendance at a ceremony that was intended to be muted yet meaningful. Sahir Ali Bagga sang a qawwali, Frieha Altaf's #MeinBhi campaign for human rights was launched and the show ended with a powerful orchestral performance that was 76 musicians strong. But we'll leave those highlights for later. Lux Style Awards 2018 offical Hashtags #LSA2018 #LuxStyle2018 

Here's who has won at LSA 2018 (winners are highlighted in bold):

FILM Punjab Nahi Jaungi swept the film category by bagging four of five major awards, with Mahira Khan stealing away Best Actress for Verna. The question of everyone's mind's, though: Did she deserve it?

Best Film

Balu Mahi
Chupan Chupai
Na Maloom Afraad 2
Punjab Nahi Jaungi

Best Actor

Ahsan Khan in Chupan Chupai
Fahad Mustafa in Na Maloom Afraad 2
Humayun Saeed in Punjab Nahi Jaungi
Mohsin Abbas in Na Maloom Afraad 2
Osman Khalid Butt in Balu Mahi

Best Actress

Ainy Jaffri in Balu Mahi
Mahira Khan in Verna
Mehwish Hayat in Punjab Nahi Jaungi
Uzma Hasan in Arth 2
Neelum Muneer in Chupan Chupai

Best Film Director

Haisaam Hussain for Balu Mahi
Mohsin Ali for Chupan Chupai
Nabeel Qureshi for Na Maloom Afraad 2
Nadeem Baig for Punjab Nahi Jaungi
Shoaib Mansoor for Verna

Best Supporting Actor

Ali Rizvi in Chupan Chupai
Faizan Khawaja in Chupan Chupai
Sohail Ahmed in Punjab Nahi Jaungi
Javed Sheikh in Na Maloom Afraad 2
Gohar Rasheed in Rangreza

Best Supporting Actress

Durdana Butt in Balu Mahi
Humaima Mallick in Arth 2
Sadaf Kanwal in Balu Mahi
Urwa Hocane in Punjab Nahi Jaungi
Zhalay Sarhadi in Chalay Thay Saath

Best Singer (Male) - Film

Adnan Dhool for 'Sadqa' from Chupan Chupai
Haroon Shahid for 'Sambhal Sambhal' from Verna
Mohsin Haider Abbas for 'Heeray' from Na Maloom Afraad 2
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for 'Sawaar De' from Arth 2
Sahir Ali Bagga from 'Murshid Jee' of Arth 2

Best Singer (Female) - Film

Aima Baig for 'Kaif O Soroor' from Na Maloom Afraad 2
Aima Baig for 'Sadqa' from Chupan Chupai
Jonita Ghandi for 'Baqiya' from Rangreza
Nirmal Roy for 'Raunaq-e- Aashiqui' from Punjab Nahi Jaungi
Sana Zulfiqar for 'Aadat' from Arth 2

LSA 2018 saw Hadiqa Kiani get her first LSA (about time!), while popular tracks such as 'Tinak Dhin' and 'The Sibbi Song' earned some well-deserved recognition.

Album of the year

36 by Sikander ka Mandar
600 Saal by E Sharp
Elhaam by Sounds of Kolachi
Fanoos by Zohaib Kazi
Wajd by Hadiqa Kiani

Singer of the Year

Abid Brohi for 'The Sibbi Song' from Patari
Ali Azmat and Qurat ul Ain Baluch for 'Chal Diye' from Cornetto Pop Rock
Ali Hamza, Ali Sethi and Waqar Ehsan for 'Tanak Dhin' from Coke Studio
Lyari Underground for 'Players of Lyari' from Patari
Riaz Qadri and Zohaib Kazi for 'Takht Hazar' from Fanoos

Best Music Video Director

Qamar Anwer for 'Kasani'
Raza Shah for 'The Sibbi Song'
Sana Jaffri for 'Madam'
Taimoor Salahuddin for 'Chan Kithan'
Waleed Ahmed for 'Super Cat'

Best Emerging Talent

Abdullah Siddiqui for 'Fiction'
Badnaam for 'Khwaja Ke Diwani'
Kashmir for 'Kaghaz Ka Jahaz'
Keeray Makoray for 'Island in the City'
Roots for 'Pagal Sa'
Baaghi and Sange Mar Mar were the big winners in TV, overshadowing strong contenders like O Rungreza and Alif Allah Aur Insan.

Best TV Play

Alif Allah Aur Insan
O Rungreza
Sang E Mar Mar

Best TV Actor

Adnan Siddiqui in Sammi
Ahad Raza Mir in Yakeen Ka Safar
Imran Abbas in Khuda Aur Mohabbat
Mohsin Abbas in Muqabil
Noman Ijaz in Pinjari

Best TV Actress

Bushra Ansari in Seeta Bagri
Kubra Khan in Muqabil
Saba Qamar in Baaghi
Sajal Aly in Yakeen Ka Safar
Sajal Aly in O Rungreza

Best TV Director

Ahsan Talish for Alif Allah Aur Insan
Farooq Rind for Baaghi
Kashif Nisar for O Rungreza
Saife Hassan for Sammi
Saife Hassan for Sang E Mar Mar

Best TV Writer

Mustafa Afridi for Sang E Mar Mar
Noor ul Huda Shah for Sammi
Qaisara Hayat for Alif Allah Aur Insan
Saji Gul for O Rungreza
Zafar Mairaj for Muqabil

Best Original Sound Track

Adnan Dhool and Sana Zulfiqar for 'Bay Khudi'
Jimmy Khan for 'Tumharay Hain'
Nabeel Shaukat for 'Woh Ek Pal'
Richi Robinson for 'Shayad'
Shuja Haider for 'Baaghi'
Amna Babar finally won her first LSA, Hasnain Lehri picked up his second, Sana Safinaz continues its winning streak...

Model of the Year (Female)

Amna Babar
Anam Malik
Hira Shah
Sadaf Kanwal
Zara Abid

Model of the Year (Male)

Aimal Khan
Champ Imi
Hasnain Lehri
Omer Shahzad
Shahzad Noor

Achievement in Fashion Design - Pret

Chapter 2 by Khaadi
Cross Stitch
Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design - Luxury Pret

Misha Lakhani
Sania Maskatiya
Shamaeel Ansari

Achievement in Fashion Design - Bridal

Ali Xeeshan
Faraz Manan
Sana Safinaz

Achievement in Fashion Design - Lawn

Sana Safinaz
Shehla Chatoor
Zara Shahjahan

Best Menswear Designer

Amir Adnan
Deepak and Fahad
Deepak Perwani
Republic by Omar Farooq
Best Hair & Make-up Artist
Fatima Nasir
Hannan Siddique
Qasim Liaqat
Saima Rashid
Shoaib Khan

Best Fashion Photographer

Abdullah Haris
Alee Hassan
Nadir Firoz Khan
Rizwan ul Haq
Shahbaz Shazi

Best Emerging Talent

Fahmeen Ansari - Model
Hussain Rehar - Designer
Javeria Hanif - Model
MHM Photography - Photographer
Saheefa Jabbar Khatak - Model

Best Dressed (Male): Abrar ul Haq

Best Dressed (Female): Nabila

Lifetime Achievement Award: Frieha Altaf

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Baagi (BioPic Qandeel Balouch) has made record of make their audience into control emotions

Baagi (BioPic Qandeel Balouch)

Baagi (BioPic Qandeel Balouch) has made record of make their audience into control emotions .Jo Qandeel Baloch sari umar na hasil ker paye, vo uske marne ke baad uski naqal kerne wali ko milgayee, yani shuhrat aur dulat. Baaghi is a story of new era's Umrao Jan, about tragic life, tragic love and unfaithful relatives. After Humsafar, Baaghi's OST has broken all the dams of tears. Shuja Haider rocks this time . If Saba Qamar has nominated for Baaghi in Film Fare Awards, supposed just supposed, she will not only won the award but also won with high margin. Osman Khalid Butt proved himself as a best actor along with Father-Son duo Irfan and Sarmad Khosat. Now the concept about such struggling girls in media is changed, no one is in media by her will, it's the responsibilities of families, passion to have some name in media and a dream partner, compel many to die in and for media. Don't know where the honor goes when the families are dependent on the earnings of their daughters despite of having sons; and honor is came only when ... when she want to live by her own way. Dhool urti hai ya tanhai !!! 

Shuja Haider Song Baaghi OST

Last Episode of Baaghi enlast the effects on heart as blood ful scratch. Baaghi is about the moments, moment when she knew about her husband, who batrayed her. Moment when she thre away from home and she losed her child, moment when she call her home first time after leaving her village. The moment she hug her father and mother after a long time after her father's accident, moment when she proposed by her ultimate. It's about the moment when her brother insult her after asking the source of income, the moment when he killed her, the moment when her ultimate love heard her death news on TV and the moment when she's no more. It's all about Baaghi. Simply ansu thum nahi payee during last episode of Baaghi. People blaimed media that media tribute Qandeel Baloch, but they forgot that how much tough time she faced on her bad way, there was no respect no love; but above all how cruel his family who killed her in the name of honor, is this justified???

Friday, 19 January 2018

Zainab Raja Miss Veet 2016 bashing on social Media about Poor Managment

Zainab Raja Miss Veet 2016 Bashing Veet PR team for Miscommunication !

Zainab Raja Miss Veet 2016 bashing on social Media about Poor Management the whole story take start from her invite for the event of Miss veet Pakistan 2017 event which has happens in last evening at Expo center Karachi. But she said i am veet team brand ambassador and the marketing team has not given invite before two to three days.  they call me and ask for you we want to invite you as guest in our event but she was confused why they taken such long time for her invite in Miss Veet 2017 finale event. any how she said she got invite yesterday morning means before some hours of the show and she has not attend it by doing lake of non professional attitude. 

Hira khan Winner of Miss Veet Pakistan 2017 From Lahore

Hira khan - Miss Veet 2017

Hira khan Winner of Miss Veet Pakistan 2017, Miss veet queen Hira Khan belongs to Lahore, Another year, and another Miss Veet season came to an end in 2018 Miss Veet 2017 grand finale, held at Expo Center on Thursday, saw the conclusion of several journeys and perhaps the beginning of a few. Among the top three finalists, Nimra Khan, Hira Khan and Nafia Sahar, Hira was crowned the Miss Veet Reward. Other selected finalists included, Aiman Shoukat, Hira Khan, Isma Aslam and Nafia Sahar (Lahore) and Komal Sajid, Saira Abid, Tayyaba Riaz and Nimra Khan (Islamabad). Sidra Iqbal, the Communications Mentor of the Veet Academy opened the show, talking about Miss Veet Pakistan being an initiative.Another year, and another Miss Veet season came to an end. Miss Veet 2017 grand finale, held at Expo Center on Thursday, saw the conclusion of several journeys and perhaps the beginning of a few. Among the top three finalists, Nimra Khan, Hira Khan and Nafia Sahar, Hira was crowned the Miss Veet 2017. 

winner for Miss Veet 2017 Hira Khan  1 million pkr

Watch Hira Khan Winner Miss Veet Pakistan 2017 Awards Cermoney In Videos

Miss Veet as a platform has truly evolved this year. Last year, the show announced that they weren’t looking for models anymore and were in the search for more well-rounded women. This meant that the girls needed to be smart, confident and ambitious without necessarily being ‘model material’. However, the show’s format needed some adjustments as the contestants were still being judged based on their makeup skills and other modeling related challenges.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Mehwish Hayat Becomes Chinese

Mehwish Hayat Becomes Chinese For A Paint Advertisment 

Mehwish Hayat is one of most demanding film actress and she has been hugely successful in the entertainment industry and her looks have had a major role to play in her fame. She has gained sculpted features with a little surgical help and they make her look absolutely flawless. We have seen her in both desi and Western avatar and she carries them beautifully like they are made for her. However, she recently got styled as a Chinese female for an ad for Berger Paints. She posted the video of her shoot on Instagram calling it her most interesting one. Let us know in the comments below how you feel Mehwish is looking as a Chinese after watching it.