Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Sexually Harassment allegation on PTI leader imran khan by Ayesha Gulalai Wazir

Ayesha Gulalai claims Imran Khan asked supporters to throw acid on her face

Sexually Harassment Imran Khan

 Ayesha Guali shares her experience on Twitter that she is a Pakistani political leader and my leader Imran khan has tried to sexually harras me now he is running far away from investigations she also shares Imran khan has ordered his worker to burn with acid those who talk against Imran khan and who alligators on Imran khan sexually. 

Although before that Imran Khan has have also got in trouble by Australian model Lara bingle fake account which she confirms that Imran Khan Is so clever to harras women as Harvey Weinstein. model Lara Bingle shares that Imran Khan is on top position to harass women she meets him 2013  in London party where Imran Khan has tried to harras me. 

PTI leader is such a cheap so she is glad after that she couldn’t meet again. We women should keep the distance from Imran Khan and Harvey Weinstein type people. That allegation was from Australian model Lara bingle fake account those tweets where retweets shared by Ayesha Gulali Twitter Profile.