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Parchi 2018 Movie Full Story Review

Parchi 2018 Movie Full Review 

Parchi 2018 Movie Full Review

Parchi Movie Comedy Action based film has great End and with Serious issue start.Parchi was shooted in Islamabad but its dialouge were like karachi bhai log...Parchi Promotion was supers Movie its was ARYfils How i wonder that Hareem Farooq getup was like Bhai log or Gang Leader but there is a twieest in story :)

Parchi was directed by Azfar Jafari , Script Witten by Shafqat Khan.
its main lead road Hareem Faroom and Ali Rehman Khan , with co stars Usman Mukhtar,Faizan Sheikh,Ahmed Ali Akbar,Mojiz Hasan,Mojiz Hasan,Mahenur Haider etc with Funny Character of Faiza Saleem. 

Hareem Farooq's Upcoming Film 'Parchi' 

parchi Short Story Line

Parchi Short Story Line

Parchi movie has make great interest of audence and people will love this movie. any way hareem farooq looks cool,Preety and lovely in casual dress. 

Story of Parchi movie

Parchi movie

Parchi storyline Start with Ali Rehman Khan by name of Bash, who take Bhatta from a gang leader area by which he got under arrest by Gang leader Shafqat Cheema by name of Zodiac of that area. He ask him you have just 4 days to cover 50 lack bhatta ( Money) and he kill his other partner. Second Charachtar Usman Mukhtar by name of Bilal Ahmed he was working in private company where his boss insult him and ask to do not doo calls from office desk. Suddenly some gangsters come and shutdown his boss infornt of his eyes due to not paying money (Bhatta) to Gangstares. That was basic parchi concept was anyhow he was in shocked by his boss death and Ali Rehman also his elder brother in this movie they are living in rented house with thier 2 other partners named Ahmed Ali Akbar by name of Saqlain, He loves a girl who was Mahenur Haider named Natasha, Mahenur Haider is also dauther of a gangstar Women named of that Charactar Faiza Saleem and other forth guy Shafqat Khan .

Parchi Story Plot 

Parchi Story Plot

Story is simple Hareem Farooq (Eman)  role in parchi was Primary Actor, she was doughter of Zodiac (Shafqat Cheema) and secret police officer which she movie reveal in at last stage. She met with those four guys  Ali Rehman Khan,Usman Mukhtar,Ahmed Ali Akbar and Shafqat Khan. Faizan Shaikh (Biscut) meet them with gangstar girl Hareem Farooq (Eman) she helps other being a gangstar girl. They make idea to take money from  Mahenur Haider's Mother Faiza Saleem. any how they fail to take money then they try to steal money at mid night for making agree Ahmed Ali Akbar girl friend Mahenur Haider (Natasha) They steal but Zodiac Gangstars goons steal that money from them and Zodiac goons also finding Ali Rehman Khan (Bash) but they kidnap his brother Usman Mukhtar (Bilal Ahmed) and Ahmed Ali Akbar (Saqlain) and his girlfriend Mahenur Haider (Natasha).

Last Scene of movie bit Comedy and Action.

Parchi 2018 Movie Full Story Review

Hareem Farooq (Eman)  Expose that she loves Ali Rehman Khan (Bash) and she just helping him for her love. but last ending of movie end with fun and action. she arrest that  Shafqat Cheema (Zodiac) by her police team and happy ending ...

Parchi Songs

This movie has two songs which was awsome and super hit on social media. 

  • Imagine | Mika Singh & Keka Goshal
  • Billo Hai | Parchi | Sahara feat Manj Musik & Nindy Kaur

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